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Program Overview

Discover Jiangsu - Youth Leaders Cultural Immersion Program was developed by JPDE and facilitated by JESIE by utilizing the international network developed with sister provinces and through cooperative agreements with overseas education departments. Each year, hundreds of top-performed primary and secondary school students are selected from all over the world to Jiangsu to engage in cultural interactions with their counterparts in Jiangsu. They participate in various activities including short-term Chinese language lessons and cultural experience, with the potential to attract more international students to Jiangsu for further studies and exchange.

Financial Support

JPDF covers all the costs during the students’ stay in Jiangsu, including course study, cultural visits, accommodation and transportation. The participants need to bear the visa and international flight expenses.

Program Participation

Schools submit a completed Application Form for Discover Jiangsu Program. JESIE assesses the applications and submit a short list to JPDE. After being approved by JPDE, the applicants could be identified as potential host schools. JESIE will then choose proper host schools for Discover Jiangsu groups according to their requirements and expectations.

Participation Requirements

The participating schools should organize a professional team to implement Chinese language training and Cultural activities based on the lesson plan. The cultural activities include but not limited to: Chinese traditional music appreciation, calligraphy and arts, Peking Opera mask making, paper cutting, Tai Chi and martial arts, waist drum, Kong Zhu, and traditional bamboo dance. Accommodation, host families and cultural activity arrangements should meet the standards set by JPDE.